Paws For Holidays

Tips for taking your dog abroad

Next time you plan your skiing trip to the Alps, why not consider bringing your dog? There are cross-country skiing dogs that pull their human along behind them, and we’re seen some husky-sled teams that invite guest dogs to join them. Of course, if you are only going on a week’s holiday and intend to ski all-day-every-day, it would be a bad idea to take your dog with you. But if you’re going for...

SKYE on Holiday

Hi everyone my name is SKYE And my mummy is really trying to find great places to recommend taking all my furry friends on holiday for 2019 She is going to find great places with lakes and beaches for us to play in and get all wet, but also she is going to find places with great hills to walk and lots of field to run around in and get all muddy. But most of all she is going to find us great...

Paws For Holidays

More and more Park Operators are recognising that dogs are very much part of the family, and are now catering for guests that want to bring their beloved pet with them. With any parks offering pet friendly accommodation, and dog walking areas, in fact there are operators who give pet welcome bags to guests on arrival, which has a dog biscuit, dog bags, and some even have a doggy deli where it offers a...

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