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Welcome to Paws Holidays, your pet friendly destinations in UK. All our accommodation are very carefully selected to meet the high standards that todays guests expect when booking a pet friendly accommodation. We are confident that the accommodation recommended on Paws Holidays will enhance you and your dogs enjoyment of making those special memories, whether it is running along the sandy beaches of the beautiful coastlines, or exploring the hills and dales of the untouched rural countryside.

Choose from pet friendly properties in stunning locations

Paws Holidays Understand Your Dog is Part of Your family

In the UK, 35% of the population own a dog, and the UK is becoming more and more dog friendly then ever and they are well and truly considered a valuable member of the family. Therefore, when the time comes for the family to choose where to go on holiday the decision is made on what holiday resort or destination will accommodate the beloved family dog.

It can be stressful trying to find the perfect family accommodation that will also accommodate the family dog, Paws Holidays has taken the stress out of this for you and has very carefully sourced accommodation that will suit all the family including the dog.

Creating great Family Holiday memories with the Dog all starts with the
accommodation. Paws Holidays have carefully selected the accommodation on our site. We want to make sure that the dog gets as much of a warm welcome as the rest of the family.

Whether your holiday destination is North, South, East or West

We are sure you will find the exact location the ticks all the boxes for both the family and the dog, whether it is North of Scotland where Nessie maybe hiding in the waters, or all the way down to Cornwall, where you will find miles of dog friendly sandy beaches, or if it is a walking holiday you are on, the dog will find lots of fun things to sniff out, and may find the odd stick or branch, but whatever beach they run on or whatever hill they are walking with you, one thing is for sure both the family and the dog will have hours of fun.

Many of the accommodations also offer hot tubs, so at the end of a long walk on the beach or in the hills, you can unwind and relax under the stars in the hot tub, while the dog rests in front of a nice cosy fire and get ready for another exciting day ahead.

So whatever makes the family and the dog all happy, Paws Holidays will have the perfect accommodation for all to enjoy.

A Romantic Break for 2 ( And the Dog ) whether it is a one bedroom accommodation you are looking for, or a family & Friends ( And the Dogs ) weekend break you are looking for, we are sure you will find everything you need here at Paws Holidays

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