Dog friendly hotels are a fabulous way for dog owners to travel with their beloved dog, many hotels give a big warm welcome to dogs, where they may allow dogs into a section of the bar area, where you can relax with a nice cool drink, and no doubt there will be a bowl of water and a couple of treats to welcome the dog.

Paws Holidays has a wide selection of dog friendly hotels for you to choose from, whether it is a country manor hotel, where there are some great walks to take the dog on an adventure, or whether you choose a seaside hotel that captures all the hustle and bustle of a seaside resort where the dog will love many new smells and possibly meet some new furry friends on the beach.

Remember it is not only humans that meet friends on holidays, Paws Holidays also recommends dog walking areas at the resorts and destinations, where just maybe your beloved dog will meet a new friend for the weekend or week.

Wherever you choose your Dog friendly hotel, we are sure that you and the dog have have a

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