Longer Seasons For Many UK Parks

The days of Holiday Companies only opening from Easter until Halloween Weekend are now long gone. As many Holiday Operators gear up for longer seasons.

Holiday breaks are not only the spring and summer, as more and more people are booking autumn and winter breaks, with many companies extending their park opening times.

Park Operators are feeling confident about the occupancy levels over the winter periods and are especially gearing up for a busy festive celebrations.

Gone are the days when the summer was over the occupancy levels dropped, although the occupancy level may slightly drop, there is still a big demand for the autumn and winter breaks, although booking autumn and winter breaks does not just lend itself to Caravan and Lodge holidays there is an increase in touring caravan levels.

In order for the Park Operators to meet the demand of the longer seasons many of the Parks are keeping facilities open longer, which in turn is seeing longer employment levels for seasonal workers.

It must also be recognised that Caravans, Lodges and Touring Caravans are now built to withstand longer all seasons, with double glazing and central heating and super luxury finishes now means the days of cold caravans on a winter night are definitely long gone, as they have the warm and cosy feel about them, where guests can snuggle up for a nice relaxing winter break in a Caravan or Lodge.

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