SKYE on Holiday

Hi everyone my name is SKYE
And my mummy is really trying to find great places to recommend taking all my furry friends on holiday for 2019

She is going to find great places with lakes and beaches for us to play in and get all wet, but also she is going to find places with great hills to walk and lots of field to run around in and get all muddy.

But most of all she is going to find us great comfortable accommodation from caravans and lodges to cottages camping and glamping. She is also looking for accommodation with HOT TUBS that is so mum and Dad can relax after all the daily adventures we are going to have.

YIPPEE!!!!!! A hot Tub I cant wait to belly flop into that,

Oh oh I just heard mummy saying “ Skye cannot go in the hot tub” Watch this space !!!!!!!!!!
So keep you eye out on here while our new website is being developed

Kind regards

Your furry Paws Holidays pal

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