The Festive Season has begun

Santa Paws Tiem Nearly...

Well the time is almost upon us when all the humans in our lives go out to the office Christmas Parties, have fun and get merry, As much as us dogs like our humans to have a great time. Please remember to switch the Christmas tree lights off when you go out, make sure all the mince pies are safely tucked away as dogs cannot eat the currents, and raisins as it is toxic for us dogs, and can cause a lot of complications for the dog. And please do not put chocolate under the tree, cause I will eat it, and it is really bad for us dogs, so remember no chocolate.

Well I have nearly done all my Christmas shopping for my human family. and got them all wrapped up and safely under the tree until Santa Comes or maybe I will open them all up before Christmas and eat them…… No only Woofing

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